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    Sep 20, 2016

    Five more 'bombs' found in New Jersey


    FIVE potential bombs were discovered overnight near a train station in New Jersey late on Sunday, after a weekend of attacks and security alerts in the American east coast state, New York City and Minnesota.

    The five devices were found in a backpack left in a trash can near a bar in New Jersey's Elizabeth, a city of about 125,000 people.

    Two men took the backpack "because they thought it was of some value", then saw wires and a pipe, dropped it and notified the police,, New Jersey's largest news website, quoted Elizabeth mayor Christian Bollwage as saying.

    A bomb squad used a robot to try to disable one of the devices but inadvertently set off an explosion.

    No one was hurt but Mr Bollwage said the loss of lives could have been enormous if all five went off, Reuters reported.

    The incident took place less than 24km south-west of Manhattan.

    On Saturday night, a pressure-cooker bomb packed with shrapnel exploded in New York City's Chelsea district, wounding 29 people.

    Earlier, a pipe bomb went off along the route of a New Jersey charity run, without hurting anyone.

    Another bomb was found a few blocks away later that night from the one in Chelsea.

    Also on Saturday, a man armed with a knife wounded nine people at a Minnesota shopping mall.

    The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militant group quickly claimed responsibility for the Minnesota attack.

    The attacker, who was shot dead by a police officer, was said to have made references to Allah and asked at least one person if he was Muslim before assaulting the victim.

    No suspects have been identified in all the incidents and no immediate connections were established between them.

    Some 135 heads of state or government will be in New York to attend this week's United Nations General Assembly.