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Fearless Farhan rides again

THAT FATEFUL DAY: Mr Muhammad Farhan was riding a motorcycle when he collided with a bus on May 28, 2012. His right leg was severed above the knee. Two years on, and he's back on the road - albeit on a three-wheeled, automatic bike. The 25-year-old technician also has a driving licence and is saving up to buy a car. PHOTO: STOMP


    Jan 29, 2014

    Fearless Farhan rides again

    TWO years ago, Mr Muhammad Farhan lay bleeding on the Pan-Island Expressway, with his severed right leg several metres away from him.

    The motorcyclist had collided with a bus and, although he survived, his leg was not spared.

    Today, the fearless Farhan is back on a bike, albeit a three-wheeled, automatic one.

    It cost him $10,000, but it was money well spent for the 25-year-old technician. He told MyPaper: "When I take public transport, many people don't give way."

    Despite the horror of his accident, he has no phobia of riding. But, just to be extra safe, he rides only in the slow lane.

    "My mother was worried," he admitted. "But I told her I have to ride again. If not, most of my pay will be spent on taxi rides to work."

    Things are looking up for Mr Farhan, who had to spend a month in hospital after the accident. He has a driving licence and is saving up to buy a car.

    He has also found love. He met Ms Khairiyah Zez, 27, on the Internet and they have been dating for five months.

    Ms Khairiyah, a logistics executive, admires his courage.

    She said: "He has more guts than me and has a very positive outlook on life."