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'Fat? Yes. Rude? Yes. Sorry? Yes.'

PROVOKED AND THREATENED? Mr Quek was caught on video in two unpleasant road incidents on Jan 29. Since then, netizens have dubbed him a road bully and "Ah Beng". He told his side of the story in a YouTube video on Wednesday.


    Feb 07, 2014

    'Fat? Yes. Rude? Yes. Sorry? Yes.'

    A PURPORTED "road bully" whose story has been spreading online has lashed out at the "cyber ah bengs" who have threatened his family.

    Mr Quek Zhen Hao first came into the public eye when footage of him chasing another motorist was posted on citizen-journalism website Stomp on Saturday.

    The video soon went viral, angering several netizens, who dubbed him a road bully and "ah beng". Then another video emerged, showing him tailgating a car driven by a woman driver. Both incidents took place on Jan 29.

    On Wednesday, Mr Quek posted a video on YouTube of himself and gave a nine-minute explanation of his actions.

    Armed with a diagram, he claimed that in the first incident, the other driver had left him with no choice but to drive against traffic. He also said that the driver showed him the middle finger, which made him feel "provoked and threatened".

    Mr Quek also addressed the incident recorded in the other video, admitting that he had tailgated the woman driver for "a very short time".

    He said he should not have lost his temper and apologised for his behaviour. But, in the same breath, he questioned the people who have criticised and even made death threats against his family.

    He called them "thugs" and "cyber Ah Bengs".

    "I should not have behaved the way I did, yes, and I am very sorry about it," he said, seemingly reading from a script.

    He then went on to say that he had previously kept silent in order to protect his family, not knowing that people were going to paint him as a "fat, ugly, road bully Ah Beng".

    In his video, Mr Quek also asked several rhetorical questions and agreed with his online bashers that that he is fat and rude. Reactions were mixed, but most felt that he was defensive in his posting and not sincere enough.

    Traffic Police said they are looking into the videos that sparked the outrage and have called Mr Quek for investigations.

    They also asked for the drivers behind the two videos to come forward to assist in investigations.

    The first video is filmed from another motorist's point of view at an open-air carpark.

    Mr Quek's car and the other motorist's vehicle are both stationary, each waiting for space to move.

    Eventually, the other driver reverses and moves off in the opposite direction. Mr Quek's Honda Civic is shown overtaking and cutting into the other car's lane, and he walks to confront the motorist.

    The other in-car camera clip, also posted on Stomp, shows Mr Quek tailgating a car. Based on the time stamps on the videos, both incidents took place on Jan 29.

    Mr Quek asked for his family's home address and a photograph of his girlfriend - which have been shared online - to be removed.

    He said: "The law will catch up with me, but you don't have to punish my family for what I've done."