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Family of e-scooter crash victim prepare for the worst

IN DETERIORATING CONDITION: Madam Ang met with an accident involving a 17-year-old on an electric scooter on a pavement in Pasir Ris Drive 1. The 53-year-old housewife has had two brain operations. Her son, Mr Leong, believes the e-scooter rider crashed into her.


    Sep 22, 2016

    Family of e-scooter crash victim prepare for the worst

    HER loved ones must soon decide whether to take her off life support.

    The last time they saw Ang Liu Kiow conscious was last Saturday, when she left their Pasir Ris home with her bicycle to shop for groceries.

    After that, the 53-year-old housewife met with an accident involving a 17-year-old on an electric scooter.

    She was still awake after the accident but lost consciousness in the ambulance while being taken to Changi General Hospital, where she underwent two operations on her brain.

    Not only has she not woken up, but her condition has also since worsened.

    Her husband and children - two sons and a daughter - are bracing themselves for the worst.

    The circumstances surrounding the accident, which happened around 10am on a pavement in Pasir Ris Drive 1, remain unclear.

    But Madam Ang's son, Wilson Leong, believes the e-scooter crashed into her.

    The 22-year-old student told The New Paper (TNP) on Monday: "My mother rides her bicycle to buy groceries every Saturday so I think the accident must have happened then."

    TNP understands that Madam Ang was not on her bicycle when the accident happened.

    She had two operations - one for a blood clot at the back of her brain, and another the following day to drain brain fluid that had accumulated in her head.

    Mr Leong said when he posted an appeal on Facebook for witnesses to the accident, a woman told him that she had seen five youths tending to Madam Ang.

    The e-scooterist was believed to be among them.

    He understands the e-scooterist called for an ambulance but his family have yet to hear from the teen, who did not give them his contact number.

    The e-scooterist was arrested on Tuesday.

    The police have classified the case as a rash act causing grievous hurt and are investigating.

    Lawyers said it might be difficult to get compensation in accidents involving personal mobility devices (PMDs), such as e-scooters, e-skates and hoverboards.

    PMDs are not allowed on pavements, roads and park connectors, only on private premises.

    This is set to change by year end when new rules kick in.

    Mr Leong said: "The doctor told us my mother has had multiple strokes in the brain due to a lack of oxygen.

    "We have to decide whether to take (her) off life support and see if she comes to.

    "But when the time comes, if needed, we want to let her go peacefully.

    "We can't bear to see her suffer any more."