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Falling man saved by 8th-floor clothes rack

LUCKY: The 65-year-old fell from the 11th storey and his trousers snagged on a laundry rack. He was later taken to Changi General Hospital.


    Jul 13, 2016

    Falling man saved by 8th-floor clothes rack

    A 65-YEAR-OLD man who fell from the 11th storey of a Housing Board flat was saved when his trousers got caught on a laundry rack on the eighth floor, where he hung for 90 minutes as neighbours shouted for him to stay still.

    The incident occurred at about 3.20pm at Block 410, Tampines Street 41, on Monday, Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

    Housewife Sumiya, 28, told Shin Min that she had been doing the laundry when she saw a man outside the kitchen window at the 11th floor of the block opposite hers.

    "He was leaning against the wall, standing on the laundry rack, praying continuously, and it scared me."

    She added that she kept shouting at the man asking him not to do anything silly but he ignored her.

    "I was worried that he didn't understand, so I went out to find neighbours to help, but he suddenly jumped. Luckily, his pants got caught on the clothes rack on the eighth floor."

    Another resident, retiree Pang, 56, told Shin Min that he thought the man was a puppet hanging until he heard a maid scream.

    He called the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

    "(I saw) uncle hanging in the air for more than 10 minutes. He didn't move and didn't scream for help," Mr Pang told Shin Min.

    "After that, he tried to free himself and the neighbours and I kept screaming: 'Don't move!', worried that his pants may come free.

    "Luckily, he listened and waited for the SCDF to rescue him."

    An SCDF spokesman told My Paper yesterday that it took a man to safety from the eighth floor using a combined platform ladder.

    "The man was taken to Changi General Hospital in a conscious and stable condition," said the spokesman.

    The man's son, who wanted to be known as Mr Sin, a 34-year-old luggage handler, told The New Paper in a report yesterday that his father had fallen from the kitchen window yesterday when he was home alone.

    "It was luck. I don't think he was hurt or suffered any injuries."

    He added that his father had always been quiet and the family was quite shocked.

    "His only ailment is that he's hard of hearing. He seemed a bit depressed recently but we were shocked he tried to jump," he said.

    "He's usually very quiet and spends his time watching television or staring into space."

    A police spokesman told My Paper that a 65-year-old man was arrested for attempted suicide and that investigations were ongoing.

    Those who attempt suicide can be jailed for up to a year or fined, or both.