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    Jan 02, 2014

    Fake priest spotted at Schumi's hospital


    WHILE the Formula One world was praying for Michael Schumacher's recovery, one man - believed to be a journalist - took it too far.

    The unidentified person dressed up as a priest to try and gain access to the stricken former world champion in his hospital room. The ruse was exposed before he could reach Schumacher, and he was escorted from the hospital.

    "There apparently was a person dressed up as a priest, who tried to get near Michael," said Schumacher's manager, Ms Sabine Kehm. "I am asking everyone to let the doctors work and (let) the family spend peaceful time with Michael.

    "We have clearly noted that people are trying to get beyond the press room here in the clinic. It's revolting, in my opinion."

    Schumacher, 44, suffered severe brain injuries during a skiing accident at the French Alps on Sunday.

    He is still in a medically-induced coma, although his condition is now stable. "We cannot say he is out of danger but we have gained some time," said Dr Jean-Francois Payen, head of the intensive-care unit at the hospital.

    At an earlier press conference, brain surgeon Gerard Saillant called for Schumacher's privacy to be respected. "You can do your best to help Schumacher win this difficult battle by leaving the doctors in peace," he said. "We are not hiding anything."