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    Aug 17, 2016

    EZ cardless ERP payment launched

    A NEW cardless Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) payment system was rolled out yesterday by EZ-Link.

    It will allow motorists to drive through ERP gantries without cashcards in their in-vehicle units (IU), and does away with the hassle of topping up these cards when their values are low.

    Under the new EZ-Pay, the ERP fees will instead be charged directly to a credit card which has been registered by the motorist.

    For a start, this post-paid system will be available only to Citibank credit-card holders but EZ-Link plans to extend this to DBS and POSB credit- card users next year.

    There will be no subscription charges for using EZ-Pay, EZ-Link said in a press release.

    EZ-Pay, however, is not yet available for the payment of carpark charges. This means motorists will still have to use their cashcards when they pass carpark gantries.

    EZ-Link said it is piloting with shopping mall Jurong Point for EZ-Pay acceptance at the end of September, and is also working with other carpark operators.

    To obtain an EZ-Pay account, motorists can visit for a one-time registration with their vehicle number and Citibank card details.

    They will receive an e-mail informing them of the successful registration and when they can go card-less.

    To view records of their ERP transactions, users can also log in to an EZ-Pay account using their NRIC number and PIN or refer to their monthly credit-card statements.

    The Land Transport Authority's group director for transportation and road operations, Chin Kian Keong, said: "We are constantly working with third-party service providers to bring greater convenience to our land transport users for a fuss-free travel experience.

    "With EZ-Pay, motorists and business owners with fleet vehicles can better manage their ERP expenses, without the need for a physical stored-value card," added Dr Chin.