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    Jul 18, 2016

    Eyewitnesses wanted for cycling accident at Keppel

    THE family of an aircraft technician who sustained head injuries in an accident while cycling to work last Wednesday are appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward.

    Wang Weizong, 36, was cycling to work in the Loyang area when the accident occurred at about 3.30pm at the junction of Keppel Road towards Shenton Way and Kampong Bahru Road.

    Mr Wang's wife, Guo Shuyu, a 34-year-old safety assessor, told Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News in a report yesterday that a passer-by found her husband lying on the left-most lane and called the police for help.

    Mr Wang suffered head injuries and his helmet was split open, Shin Min reported.

    He remains in the intensive care unit, and while the bleeding in his brain shows no sign of spreading, he has difficulty speaking and cannot say his own name.

    Ms Guo told Shin Min that her husband is an avid cyclist and would often cycle with his friends.

    He would also pedal from their home in Woodlands to his workplace at Loyang, either alone or with friends, a practice he began about three years ago.

    A friend of Mr Wang's said large lorries often drive along the stretch of road where the accident occurred.

    The path is also not captured by closed-circuit television cameras so the family hope that any eyewitnesses with information could step forward.

    The police confirmed the incident and added that a 36-year-old male cyclist was taken to hospital while conscious.

    Police investigations are ongoing.