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    Feb 18, 2015

    Ex-DJ, producer in online spat over TV show

    AN ONLINE spat between former radio DJ Glenn Ong and TV producer Nicholas Lee has been making its rounds on cyberspace.

    It started with Ong, who is now a director at hospitality consulting firm CIR VIS, disparaging Channel 5 series 2025 on Twitter. The science-fiction docu-drama, which airs at 9.30pm on Saturdays, is produced by Lee's TV production company XXX Studios.

    "Anyone watching 2025 on Ch5? I officially declare it the worst local drama series of all time! At least VR man was funny!" Ong wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

    VR Man is a widely panned 1998 superhero drama starring James Lye.

    Shane Mardjuki, who plays David Tay in the show, responded cheekily: "Don't act like you won't be first in line to buy my action figure when it drops."

    But Ong's criticism did not go down well with Lee, who is best known for playing Ronnie in popular 1990s sitcom Under One Roof.

    Ong, 45, posted his exchange with Mardjuki on Instagram, where Lee, 49, commented: "Spends his entire career talking c***. Even after quitting still talks sh**."

    Ong then tore into Lee for being unable to take the criticism of the show, ending with "now we are complete strangers".

    On Monday, Ong continued the flap with a mock apology on Twitter: "I apologise to 'Nicholas Lee is Ronnie', for not liking his TV show 2025. #willprobably winanasiantvawardanyway."

    Ong told The Straits Times yesterday: "The show honestly is just so bad on so many levels, I really don't know where to begin. Besides, as long as Nicholas Lee and his friends love it and find it watchable, that's the most important thing. Who cares about what us viewers think, right? It's local, so must support no matter what!? Nope, not me. Sorry."

    When contacted, Lee said: "The show represents the collective efforts of more than 200 Singaporeans over 14 months under very challenging circumstances. For Glenn to disrespect their efforts with a dismissive comment on social media reflects his shallow, ignorant, judgmental and self-centred personality...If you don't like the show, just shut up and change the channel. That's what I used to do when he was on radio."