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    Mar 05, 2014

    Dry weather until mid-March

    THE dry spell is likely to continue, even as localised showers occur from time to time.

    The spell, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) and PUB in a joint advisory yesterday, is expected to persist in the first half of this month.

    Last month was Singapore's driest month since 1869. Just 0.2mm of rainfall - from only seven days of brief showers, mainly in western Singapore - was recorded at the Changi climate station, which NEA uses as a reference station.

    The previous record was 6.3mm in February 2010.

    But the thirsty will likely get a reprieve later this month, when the expected onset of the inter-monsoon season brings rain.

    The advisory urged the public to conserve water by taking showers of under five minutes, washing clothes on a full load in washing machines, washing cars less often, and reusing water for non-potable purposes.

    "The amount of water we save will help stretch our limited water resources longer," said the agencies.