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    Feb 25, 2014

    Drought-hit Selangor starts water rationing


    SELANGOR will today start water rationing in areas where there has been a shortage since Feb 7, Bernama reported.

    Chief Minister Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the rationing would be done in stages, so that all areas would receive water every two days.

    "I have discussed the role that the local authorities must play in tackling the water problems in Selangor," he tweeted in Malay on his account, @Khalid_Ibrahim.

    "The state government will implement water scheduling starting tomorrow, focusing on problematic areas."

    He told reporters after attending a monthly gathering of civil servants: "In a week, consumers will receive water for four days."

    Tan Sri Khalid said the rationing would go on until the rainy season starts, most likely at the end of next month.

    He said that Selangor would be divided into two zones for the rationing.

    Mr Khalid advised Malaysians to use water sparingly, store enough water for their needs and cut down on activities requiring a lot of water.

    Malaysia has been experiencing dry weather since last month, while ammonia pollution in raw water sources has caused the closure of two water plants, exacerbating the water shortage.