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    Jul 20, 2016

    Driver jailed for crash that killed mechanic

    A MECHANIC was repairing a burst tyre of a tipper truck along Changi Coast Road last September when another tipper truck rammed into his stationary lorry which then hit him and the broken-down truck.

    Malaysian Ng Mun Heng, 38, was sandwiched between the two vehicles, and was pronounced dead at the scene about 30 minutes later.

    Yesterday, truck driver Abdul Kader Abdul Rahman, 47, was sentenced to eight weeks' jail and banned from driving for five years for causing Mr Ng's death at about 12.30pm on Sept 4 last year.

    He was also given another eight weeks' jail for a separate incident

    a year earlier.

    Assistant Public Prosecutor Dillon Kok said that in the tipper truck accident, the vehicle stopped along Changi Coast Road

    when a tyre burst

    in the morning.

    A mechanic could not repair the tyre and

    Mr Ng arrived at

    about noon.

    He parked his lorry behind the truck and placed a breakdown sign about 10m behind that lorry.

    While Mr Ng was repairing the tyre, the truck driver stood next to the breakdown sign, diverting traffic away.

    About half an hour later, the truck driver saw Kader's tipper truck approaching and waved frantically to the driver to slow down or change lanes. He shouted at Mr Ng to get out of the way.

    APP Kok said Kader swerved his vehicle to the right but the front left corner of the vehicle collided into the back of the lorry, which surged forward and hit Mr Ng and the tipper truck.

    Kader's own truck then veered right and toppled over.

    He had to be rescued from the vehicle.