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Driver ends up in a tight spot while overtaking

DOUBLE WHAMMY: The driver of the white car appears to lose control, with the vehicle hitting the right road barrier (left) along the West Coast Highway. The car then swerves left across the lanes and gets wedged between the left road barrier and a trailer.


    Jul 29, 2015

    Driver ends up in a tight spot while overtaking

    A DRIVER'S high-speed overtaking manoeuvre backfired on Saturday.

    The Straits Times understands that the accident happened at 8.30am along the West Coast Highway, in the direction of Keppel Road.

    A 20sec video of the incident, captured on a vehicle's on-board camera, was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday.

    It showed the white car overtaking a lorry - driving on the right-most lane of the three-lane highway - at high speed.

    But the driver appeared to lose control of his vehicle and crashed briefly into the right road barrier.

    He then swerved all the way to the left-most lane and ended up wedged between the barrier there and a trailer.

    A reader, who drove past the scene shortly after the accident occurred, said the car's front had been badly smashed.

    It is understood that police are not involved, with the driver opting to settle the damage caused privately.

    No one was injured in the incident.