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    Jun 12, 2015

    Don't go too far with navel-selfie stunt


    POSTING selfies online just isn't enough in China these days.

    Many netizens, including actresses, are taking photos of themselves reaching for their navel by stretching their arm around the back, in a bid to show their slimness. But doctors warned that people may dislocate their shoulder while doing so.

    Chinese actress Yang Mi, 29, was one of the latest to post a selfie of her performing the "feat".

    The picture garnered more than 30,000 likes, reported China news portal Sohu.

    Actresses Song Jia and Zhang Jingchu, both 35, also posted theirs at about the same time.

    The craze was said to have been inspired by a report in the United States, claiming that it is a "scientific" way to check if one's figure is a perfect shape. If you cannot do it, it supposedly means you are fat and must slim down.

    However, the Chinese media said the report could not be found.

    Meanwhile, fitness trainers said the "feat" is about having long arms and small waists, and is not an indicator of fitness.

    Doctors have warned people not to try it, because their shoulder joints may loosen over time with constant attempts, if they are not successful the first time.

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