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    Jan 21, 2014

    Dog-licensing fees revised

    THERE is now another incentive to sterilise your pet dog - you get to save on annual licence fees.

    Changes from Feb 1 will see owners of unsterilised dogs pay as much as $75 more a year than the owners of sterilised ones. The difference is currently $56.

    The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said in a media statement yesterday that the tweaking of the annual licence fees is "to encourage sterilisation of pet dogs" and due, in part, to increased operational costs.

    Under the new rules, owners of unsterilised dogs will have to pay $90 per dog, up from $70. Pay by Giro and such owners will have to fork out $81.

    In contrast, those with sterilised dogs will pay only $15, a $1 increase from the current $14 fee. Under the new rules, owners of sterilised dogs pay only $13.50 via Giro.

    Licence fees for a fourth dog onwards, sterilised or not, will also be increased from $175 to $180. Pay by Giro and this amount will dip to $162.

    Currently, there is no rebate if the fees are paid via Giro.

    AVA records show that about half of the licensed dogs in Singapore are not sterilised. As of October, there were about 65,000 licensed dogs here.

    Sterilisation, said the agency, prevents unwanted breeding, which could contribute to abandonment and public-safety issues.

    Letters have been sent out to current licence holders, with the changes affecting all new licence applications and renewals of existing licences from Feb 1.

    Dog owners are required to renew their dog licences annually. The maximum fine for keeping an unlicensed dog in Singapore is $5,000.

    Mr Vivek Dinodiya, 22, is all for the change.

    "I think it's a good thing that they are trying to encourage the sterilisation of dogs," said the owner of two sterilised golden retrievers. "I also pay by Giro, so...I will pay less now."