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    Jul 20, 2016

    Doctor fined $25k over complaints by patient

    ANG PENG TIAM, a prominent cancer doctor in private practice, has been fined $25,000 by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) following complaints by a patient in 2010.

    His company, TalkMed Group, issued a release on Sunday to say that he has "been strongly advised to appeal against the decision" and that he has decided to do so.

    TalkMed is publicly listed and the release by Lee Boon Yong, its chief financial officer, is in compliance with rules of the Singapore Exchange.

    A spokesman for TalkMed said: "We have not yet communicated with the SMC as the formal and full grounds of appeal are still being prepared."

    In 2010, a family member of a patient, who had been treated by Dr Ang, filed four complaints against the oncologist with the SMC, the professional watchdog.

    When asked what the complaints were, the company spokesman said: "We are unable to release the information requested as the matter is currently under appeal."

    The disciplinary tribunal heard the complaints against Dr Ang, who is also the medical director at Parkway Cancer Centre.

    It cleared him of two charges but found him guilty of the other two and imposed a $25,000 fine.

    Doctors found guilty by the SMC are told of the findings and are usually given a month to decide if they will appeal the decision.

    Such appeals are heard by the High Court.

    If there is no appeal, the decision of the tribunal, and the reasons for the decision, would be made public after a month.