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    Jan 13, 2015

    Ditched: Man who prefers online games to wife


    A MARRIAGE ended in divorce because the husband preferred the "company" of his smartphone to his wife. The woman, known only as Amelia, said his addiction to online games surpassed his desire for sex. They had intercourse only once or twice a month since 2013, before splitting up a few months ago.

    Amelia, 34, was granted custody of their three sons aged between four and eight, The Star newspaper reported, citing Metro Ahad.

    The civil servant said her husband, who is an engineer by profession, admitted that playing games on his smartphone was better than being with her.

    She became like a single mother to their sons as he neglected the family, she said, adding that he would even become abusive whenever he lost a game.

    "He wasn't so obsessed earlier in our marriage. But in 2012, his character started to change and he couldn't stand being separated from his phone," she said.

    The situation worsened when he started competing with gamers around the world, sometimes going to bed only at 4am, she added.

    Despite numerous counselling sessions, Amelia said the situation did not improve and she had no choice but to pack her bags.