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Dealing with stress? Your response is key

LIFE LESSONS: Mr Yun speaking at the My Paper Advance Seminar on Saturday. The seminar focused on strategies for a rosier future.


    Jul 21, 2014

    Dealing with stress? Your response is key

    STRESS is often the subject of many water-cooler conversations in the workplace.

    But stress is something we can take control of, said Adrian Lau, senior psychologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

    "It's not what happens to us, but how we respond to it," he told a 150-strong audience at the My Paper Advance Seminar on Saturday.

    For example, your boss could give you a load of work, but how you respond to the assignment is up to you.

    Another speaker at the seminar, life coach Daniel Yun, said that a clearer understanding of life's issues could be gained by taking a step backwards.

    Mr Yun, who is also a film-maker, gave examples from his profession.

    "Pull the camera back and see yourself, and as the camera pulls back, you see more, you see a bigger picture," he added.

    He urged the audience not to look through a "filtered lens" that might be clouded by pessimism.

    Instead, when dealing with conflicts, one should identify the motivations of others to understand their actions. This is much like establishing how film characters develop based on their motivations, he explained.

    The seminar, which focused on strategies for a rosier future, featured two other speakers.

    Sarah Lee, a financial adviser with Manulife Singapore, shared tips on wealth management in her talk. One way to do this is to track one's expenses.

    "Initially, it's a chore…but you'll become more consciously aware of how money is spent and find the extra money that you can save," she explained.

    She also discussed risk management, and the importance of ensuring that one's insurance covers the early stages of cancers rather than just the intermediate stages.

    Cardiologist Brian Khoo, a consultant at the Pacific Heart Centre, gave insights into heart-related diseases and their treatment.

    He emphasised the importance of exercise and having a healthy diet, telling the audience after screening a video of a patient undergoing coronary angioplasty: "I cannot stop a heart attack; I can only decrease the risks."

    When asked what she gained from the seminar, Kelly Heng, who works in sales, said: "It was a nice refresher. Day in, day out, we tend to forget these basic things."

    Sim Chai Hoon, an administrative assistant, said that the talk had inspired her to look into financial planning.

    "It's informative because I'm not very sure about all the insurance schemes," she said.