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    Aug 07, 2014

    Couple 'offered' to take Gammy


    THE agent who brokered a surrogacy deal for an Australian couple who allegedly left a Thai mother caring for a baby with Down syndrome said yesterday that the couple had offered to take the boy home with them.

    The agent told Reuters the biological parents made the offer to take the boy some weeks after the birth, despite claims by surrogate mother Pattharamon Chanbua that they had abandoned the baby after they found out he had Down syndrome. The couple had taken his twin sister back to Australia.

    "In the end, they told me they would take both babies. They didn't want to be a problem for the surrogate mother any more but she (Ms Pattharamon) did not take that chance," said the agent, who wanted to be identified by her nickname, Joy.

    The boy, Gammy, now seven months old, is being treated for a lung infection in a hospital east of Bangkok, but doctors said he does not have heart problems, as claimed in earlier reports.

    Media reports that father David Farnell was a sex offender have fuelled the outrage over the case.

    Joy said Ms Pattharamon had agreed to keep Gammy after discovering he had Down syndrome. But the couple then had a change of heart.

    "They said they wanted to take both babies home. When the surrogate mum heard that, she (said she) would keep Gammy," Joy said.