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Couple 'not told' about Gammy

SAVED: Ms Pattaramon said Gammy's parents asked her to abort him because he has Down syndrome, but she refused.


    Aug 05, 2014

    Couple 'not told' about Gammy


    AN AUSTRALIAN couple, accused of abandoning a boy born with Down syndrome with his surrogate mother in Thailand, said they did not know the baby existed, Australian media reported yesterday.

    The father, who was not named, said that they knew only about a girl, and not her twin brother, named Gammy.

    He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that he had a lot of problems with the surrogacy agency and that it no longer exists.

    The couple called the experience "traumatising".

    Thai mother Pattaramon Chanbua had told ABC that she gave birth to twins in December for a surrogate fee of A$16,000 (S$18,000).

    She claimed yesterday that her doctors, the surrogacy agency and Gammy's parents knew the foetus was disabled in the fourth month of pregnancy.

    They did not inform her until the seventh month when the agency asked her - at the parents' request - to abort the disabled foetus.

    She refused on religious grounds and the parents took only the girl back with them to Australia.

    She said they agreed to pay her another 150,000 baht (S$5,800) to keep Gammy.

    Ms Pattaramon said she met the Australian couple only once, when the babies were born.

    She told Fairfax Media that the couple said they were too old to care for twins.

    She said the father, who was in his 50s, "came to the hospital to take care of the girl but never looked Gammy in the face or carried him", Sydney Morning Herald reported.

    "The twins stayed next to each other but the father never looked at Gammy... not one bottle of milk did he give Gammy," she said.

    "I could say he never touched Gammy at all."

    When told of the couple's denial, she said she might sue them.

    "I am very upset by what the father said. I really want him to come to Thailand to see me… I would like to talk to him in front of the media," she told the newspaper.