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    Jan 21, 2015


    LAST Friday's report, "Danga Bay's luxury homes beckon", stated incorrectly that Country Garden Danga Bay offers a mix of luxury serviced apartments and that it has a Spanish design.

    The project does not have serviced apartments or a Spanish design.

    The report "Enjoy tranquillity in Woodlands" on the same day stated that buyers could choose from two-bedroom suites, three- and four-bedroom units or Trio units, when only three-bedroom Vista Homes were available for sale.

    We are sorry for the errors.

    In last Friday's report, "Luxurious apartments in lively Melbourne", readers were directed to

    The developer has clarified that readers should visit for information.

    Another article on the same day, "Enjoy tranquillity in Woodlands", stated that the price of the development was from $660 psf. The developer has clarified that the price starts from $691 psf.