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    Jul 25, 2016

    Clinton set to get Democrats' nod despite distrust


    FORMER United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to be nominated Democratic presidential candidate at the party's convention in Philadelphia this week although her trustworthiness remains an issue with many Americans, US media reported.

    On Saturday in Miami, Mrs Clinton, 68, named Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate - the first Hispanic on a national ticket ever, the Vox news website reported.

    Mr Kaine "is everything (Republican nominee) Donald Trump and (his running mate) Mike Pence are not," Mrs Clinton, who often bills herself as a progressive, said.

    Her pick of a white progressive with a record of work efficiency is meant to send a reassuring picture about herself, Time magazine pointed out.

    She is distrusted by many Democrats due to her many compromises with conservatives and by Americans in general following some of her conduct as secretary of state.

    Two issues have stuck in the public mind: the conflict-of-interest question concerning the high fees she got from her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other companies, and the use of her private e-mail server to send out State Department communications.

    She also has to grapple with many scandals, such as the failed Whitewater real-estate investment in 1978, which have led many Americans to distrust her and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, The Atlantic magazine noted.

    "She never backs down," Mr Kaine, 58, said on Saturday. "Hillary, whatever the drama, whatever the attack, whatever the situation, keeps going."

    The convention opens on Monday US time in the Wells Fargo Centre, with Mr Clinton and President Barack Obama scheduled to take the stage on the next two days.

    There is more firepower than at the Republican convention in Cleveland last week, which the former Bush presidents stayed away from as they disapproved of Mr Trump.

    While Bernie Sanders, Mrs Clinton's toughest contender for nomination, has publicly endorsed his former rival, fervent supporters of the self-styled democratic socialist are organising protests in Philadelphia, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

    Mrs Clinton is "disingenuous, not real", Laurie Cestnick, coordinator for the Occupy DNC Convention protest group, told AFP.

    According to polling data aggregator Real Clear Politics, the margin between Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton continues to narrow with the latter now ahead by only 2.7 points.