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    Aug 08, 2016

    Clinton pulls away from Trump in White House race: Poll


    UNITED States presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over rival Donald Trump, as support for her in the Democratic Party consolidates while Republicans remain divided over their nominee, according to a recent popularity poll.

    The rate of support is 50 per cent for Mrs Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine against 42 per cent for Mr Trump and his partner Mike Pence, the joint poll by Washington Post and American Broadcasting Company indicated.

    That is double the four-point advantage Mrs Clinton held on the eve of the two party conventions last month.

    According to the Post, she appears to have been aided by Mr Trump's outrageous rebuttal to a Muslim American family whose son was killed in Iraq in 2004 and who rebuked him on the stage of the Democratic convention.

    He appears to have done little to improve his overall image since the convention, with a majority of registered voters seeing him as biased against women and minorities, said the Post.

    Almost six in 10 voters said he is not qualified to be president while roughly the same fraction said Mrs Clinton is suitable for the job.

    She enjoys 92 per cent support among the Democrats.

    That signalled that the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, her nomination rival, have rallied behind her.

    But Mrs Clinton has residual image problems as well, with many voters saying that she is too willing to bend the rules or that she is not honest and trustworthy.

    Advisers to the two nominees agree that it will take several more weeks before it is clear where the race stands.

    A more definite picture will come late next month, when the first of the three scheduled presidential debates takes place.