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    Aug 30, 2016

    Clinics report 9 more suspected Zika cases

    NINE more suspected cases of Zika were sent to the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) at Tan Tock Seng Hospital yesterday by clinics in the area where an outbreak was uncovered over the weekend.

    Five cases were referred to the CDC by Sims Drive Medical Clinic, which had on Aug 22 flagged the Aljunied area as possibly hit by Zika.

    Four more cases were sent by TJ Medical and Surgery clinic at Block 48, Sims Place, just across the road from the other clinic.

    The four were a 44-year-old man and three women aged 32, 26 and 24 who are not pregnant. All are Singaporeans.

    Dr Tan Thai Keng of TJ said he had sent the four to CDC for confirmation.

    They had come to see him with complaints of fever and rashes, "and a bit of joint pain, which is another symptom of viral infection".

    He said the clinic was more alert to potential cases following news of the Zika outbreak in the neighbourhood.

    It is not clear when their test results will be out.

    Meanwhile, across the Aljunied area where 41 people have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, schools and residents are leaving no pail unturned to keep the insect away.

    Several pupils at the Geylang Methodist Primary School sported stick-on mosquito patches while others smelled strongly of the fragrant oil used to ward off the insect.

    At Geylang Methodist Secondary, principal Wee Tat Chuen said both schools fumigated their compounds on Saturday to prevent mosquito breeding.

    "Both schools have reached out to the parents to share on preventive efforts and advised them to get their children to apply mosquito repellent for further protection," he added.

    Several childcare centres in the Housing Board blocks in the Aljunied cluster are all stepping up precautions against mosquitoes.

    Some residents in other places, such as Khatib Camp and Joo Chiat, are also taking precaution as they are sites where some of the confirmed patients live or work.