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    Oct 27, 2014

    Chinese baby's body riddled with needles


    PARENTS of a baby in China were shocked to learn that their 11-month-old daughter had more than 10 needles found in various parts of her body, such as her abdomen and chest.

    An aunt who was suspected of sticking needles in the baby's body killed herself on Friday afternoon, reported Chinese news agency Xinhua.

    Her death was confirmed by the publicity department of Gaotang County, Shandong.

    According to news reports online, the baby girl, Zixuan, is currently at Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment.

    Sina News said her mother first noticed that Zixuan would cry when she touched two swollen, red spots on her bottom.

    After visiting the doctors, the parents were shocked to discover numerous needles embedded in her bottom after running some X-ray scans.

    Local doctors advised her parents to seek help from a hospital in Beijing as they were not confident of successfully extracting the needles.

    The family followed their advice and admitted Zixuan at Beijing Children's Hospital.

    After analysing the scans, a doctor said the tips of needles were snapped off and suggested that the perpetrator had exerted considerable force when pricking the child.

    The baby is currently in stable condition and doctors have decided to extract three needles in her abdomen.

    Doctors said that removing the needles embedded in her chest posed the greatest challenge as it will require one of her ribs to be broken.

    They added that the needles were also in danger of travelling to her internal organs.

    Tencent News reported that doctors suggested monitoring the status of the remaining nine needles in her body and removing them after more extensive checks at a later date.

    However, in a video interview, Zixuan's parents voiced their concerns about leaving the needles in her body for an extended period.

    She is currently warded in the hospital for further checks and treatment.

    Meanwhile, Shandong police have sealed off the toddler's home and started investigations.

    They have also kept the extracted needles as evidence for a potential case of child abuse.