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    Dec 17, 2015

    China toddler pokes brain with chopstick via right eye


    A CHOPSTICK was removed from the brain of an 11-month-old baby in south-west China's Chengdu city this week in a four-hour surgery, after he accidentally pierced his right eye socket with the utensil, Chinese media reported.

    The boy's father, identified only by his surname, Lin, said that he was resting in bed while his wife was sorting out loose change from their vegetable stand business when the accident happened, Chengdu Commercial Daily reported yesterday.

    "We suddenly heard the boy crying. He had been playing on the bed next to the dining table," said Mr Lin.

    They discovered the boy's right eye socket had been pierced by a chopstick and blood was flowing from his mouth, reported the newspaper.

    The boy was rushed to Chengdu's West China Hospital and underwent emergency craniotomy to remove the chopstick, which had penetrated about 15cm into his brain.

    "Fortunately, the stick missed the eye and major blood vessels, so the boy's vision should recover and his nervous system should be undamaged," said the surgeon, who also repaired the boy's brain tissue and outermost membrane.

    "What we fear most about such surgery is infection," the surgeon said, adding that the boy's fever had come down.

    Doctors pointed out that pencils, rulers, scissors, stones, glue, lime and chemicals are the most common causes of eye injury among children in China.