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    Apr 28, 2016

    China curator latest victim of 'Jackie Chan curse'?


    THE talk about "commercial endorsements by Jackie Chan being jinxed" has resurfaced after a curator was suspended a day after the gong fu star appeared at his museum for a real estate promotion event, Chinese media reported.

    An online notice from the cultural bureau of Nanjing said Peng Jian, the curator of Nanjing Museum, did not file an application prior to allowing the Thaihot Group to hold the event on Sunday on the museum's premises, contravening regulation.

    The notice also said it is against the rule to hold commercial events in state-owned museums as doing so constitutes abuse of cultural resources and might cause damage to the venues.

    The Fujian-based Thaihot has signed Chan up as the endorser for a villa estate in Nanjing, capital of eastern Jiangsu province.

    On Sunday, he was the main draw at the ceremony at the Dacheng Hall of the museum, which is a complex of ancient buildings, reported Hong Kong's Apple Daily.

    The buzz about the "Jackie Chan curse" has spread in China after a number of companies that had engaged him as endorser either verged on bankruptcy or saw the product concerned fail miserably.

    These included Subor electronics which has been debt-ridden since 1999; Idall VCD, whose founder was jailed in 2003; and Fenhuang Cola, which disappeared in 2001, reported the Sina news portal.

    Then, only 900 units of Volkswagen Caddy were sold in China despite his promotion effort; the Bawang hair shampoo was found to contain carcinogenic ingredients; and Synear dumplings were found to have harmful bacteria.

    Even Japan's recall of Mitsubishi cars was attributed to the "curse", said Sina.