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    Mar 11, 2015

    China cracks down on returning ISIS fighters


    CHINESE extremists have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the authorities have broken up gangs that returned from fighting abroad, the Communist Party boss of China's western Xinjiang region said yesterday, arguing that secrecy was needed to save lives.

    China says militants who want to establish a separate state in Xinjiang called East Turkestan are holed up along the ungoverned Afghan-Pakistani border, and has expressed concern that fighters are travelling to battlefields in Syria and Iraq.

    Some 300 Chinese extremists were fighting with ISIS, the Chinese state media said in December.

    Said Zhang Chunxian, Xinjiang Communist Party Secretary: "Recently, we broke up a few cases involving those who had returned directly after fighting in war. To break the case, to reduce human loss and casualties, and ensure security, sometimes you have to keep some things confidential for a time."