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    Sep 07, 2016

    Chia-Richmond's firm owes RWS $200k

    WELL-KNOWN theatre practitioner Beatrice Chia-Richmond has been summoned to court by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) to be questioned over the finances of her concert promotion company in relation to a sum of about $200,000 that it owes RWS.

    Running Into The Sun (Rits), which put up

    Ah Boys To Men: The Musical at the integrated resort in 2014, has failed to pay RWS the sum in relation to the musical, though RWS had won a court judgment last year to recover the debt.

    Rits had produced the musical version of the

    Ah Boys To Men movies at the Resorts World Theatre from April 18 to May 4, 2014.

    The contract between RWS and Rits stipulates that the resort is to get a 15 per cent share of the gross ticket revenue and cash sponsorship from the event, according to court documents obtained by The Straits Times.

    Under the agreement, Rits was also to bear

    the costs of additional or overtime manpower needed for the event.

    After the event, RWS issued Rits two invoices totalling $215,870.06. One, for $173,070.06, was

    its entitlement of the revenue; the other was for $42,800 in reimbursement for manpower costs.

    In October 2014, Rits made partial payment

    of $16,621.99.

    Despite numerous reminders, Rits failed to pay the outstanding sum of $199,248.07, though it

    had acknowledged the debt in an e-mail to

    Rajah & Tann, the law firm acting for RWS.

    In September last year, RWS sued Rits for the outstanding sum. The following month, RWS won by default as Rits did not respond to the lawsuit.

    But Rits has yet to pay a single cent of the judgment sum awarded by the State Courts -

    the $199,248.07 owed to RWS, interest of

    $407.34 and $1,800 in legal costs.

    Last month, RWS applied for Mrs Chia-Richmond and Wendy Ng, both directors of Rits at the time, to be summoned to court for a hearing known as an examination of judgment debtor, in which someone who loses a lawsuit is questioned on the possible assets available to pay the judgment sum.

    Mrs Chia-Richmond, 42, appeared in court last week. The hearing has been adjourned to Oct 3.

    The award-winning theatre director and actress was the managing director of Rits, which was founded in 2009 and best known for organising concerts by major K-pop acts such as

    Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

    An ST check of business records yesterday showed that Mrs Chia-Richmond is the sole shareholder of Rits but is no longer listed as

    a director of the company.