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Careful cyclist gets into accident with taxi

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cyclist Wong was involved in a collision with a taxi at a traffic junction on Tuesday. He underwent surgery yesterday.


    Dec 19, 2013

    Careful cyclist gets into accident with taxi

    THE sister of avid cyclist Wong Chee Hong told The Straits Times yesterday that he had taken his regular precautions before an accident which left him in a critical condition.

    On Tuesday, the 52-year-old civil servant had been on his nightly pedal around his neighbourhood and was crossing a junction when a taxi making a right turn hit him.

    Mr Wong was flung off his bike and the impact sent one of its wheels flying. Police were alerted to the 10pm accident at the junction of Upper Changi Road and Somapah Road and Mr Wong was taken conscious to Changi General Hospital.

    Mr Wong's sister, who declined to be named, said he underwent surgery yesterday after suffering bleeding in his brain and a fractured thigh bone. He was still unconscious and in critical condition at press time.

    "My brother loves cycling and it is probably the only sport that he does. He was wearing a lime-green cycling jersey and cycling tights that night. He is usually very careful," she said.

    She added that Mr Wong, a cyclist for more than 30 years, was less than five minutes from home.

    Cabby Ivan Ho, 60, witnessed the accident and captured it on his in-car camera. He said: "The lights were still in favour of the cyclist. I saw the cyclist riding past, then I heard a loud bang."

    The footage showed Mr Wong was halfway past the traffic junction when the green arrow signalling a right turn for oncoming traffic started blinking almost immediately.

    A taxi appeared from the right side of the screen and hit Mr Wong inside the yellow box as it was making a right turn.

    The 56-year-old cabby involved has been a relief driver with TransCab since 2006. He declined to be interviewed as he is still shaken from the accident, a TransCab spokesman said.