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    Sep 26, 2016

    Car stolen in Malaysia? It's probably in Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia


    MALAYSIA'S car theft syndicates are not just offloading their loot in Thailand, but also the black markets of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, mostly using Singapore as the ship-off point and Thailand as the land transit station, reported the Malaysian media.

    There is no chance to see one's car again if it is shipped to this Greater Indochinese region, Bernama reported, quoting a source.

    That is because the syndicates in these countries and those in Thailand and Malaysia are so tight in cooperation that cross-border efforts to bust them are difficult.

    According to the source, vehicles stolen in Malaysia are often shipped by sea from Singapore to Laem Chabang Port near Bangkok.

    "Nowadays they are mostly put online for sale once they reach Thailand," added the source.

    He noted that in the past few years, many luxury cars and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) believed to be stolen in Malaysia were found driven by new owners at the Myanmar-Thai border and in Cambodia and Laos.

    Four-wheel drive vehicles were very popular in Myanmar's black market while luxury cars and MPVs were welcomed by Cambodia's underground customers, he said.

    Every day, about 60 vehicles are stolen in Malaysia, which puts it among the world's 10 countries where car theft is most rampant, reported The Star daily.