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    Feb 17, 2016

    Car-Free Sunday SG in CBD starts on Feb 28

    THE Civic District and parts of the Central Business District (CBD) will be transformed into a car-free zone for the first time on Feb 28.

    The area will host an array of activities, including mass aerobic workout sessions, walking tours and street performances.

    The six-month pilot will extend to July and the car-free day will be on the last Sunday of each month.

    Having spoken last month about how Singapore needed a "cultural shift" towards a car-lite future to be more sustainable in the long run, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in a blog post yesterday that this initiative will take the vision a step further.

    "It will take tremendous effort and time to make our vision a reality. But if we want a future city that's cleaner and greener, and provides an even better quality of life for all, we must start to make changes now."

    The first Car-Free Sunday SG on Feb 28 will start at 7am in front of the National Gallery Singapore, with a mass walking, jogging and cycling session around a 4.7km route of fully and partially closed roads.

    Streets, including those around the Padang and Fullerton Road, will be fully closed to vehicles from 7am to 9am. Shenton Way and Robinson Road will be partially closed.

    To make way for other activities such as yoga sessions, origami for kids and street performances, St Andrew's Road and part of Stamford Road will be closed until noon.

    Connaught Drive will remain fully closed until 7pm.

    The routes of 15 bus services will be diverted.

    Andrew Fassam, senior director of urban design at the Urban Redevelopment Authority, said the CBD was chosen to pilot the initiative as there is little traffic there on Sunday mornings and it is also easily accessible by public transport.

    "People can also cycle into the city along the park connectors and from the Singapore River so it is very easy for people to come down and take part in the event," he noted.

    The National Gallery Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum as well as Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall will also open earlier - at 9am - for the event.

    Fresh graduate Chew Kai Wei said he intends to go to the area on that day. "It's something novel and sounds like a great way to spend time with family and friends."