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Cabby 'throws objects' at car in 10-minute ordeal

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: At one point, the cabby gets dangerously close to hitting a motorcyclist, before swerving back behind the victim.


    Feb 04, 2015

    Cabby 'throws objects' at car in 10-minute ordeal

    AN SMRT taxi driver has been sacked for allegedly terrorising another motorist along the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) on Sunday, tailgating, swerving in and out of lanes, and hurling vulgarities and objects - including a drink can - at the motorist.

    The road bully's dangerous antics were caught by the in-car cameras at the front and rear of his victim's car.

    The victim, using the moniker Bee Pok, posted 23 video clips of the incident on YouTube. Each clip lasts about a minute.

    Bee Pok gave a vivid description in the captions for the video clips of his harrowing encounter in the ordeal, which began at around 5.40pm and lasted about 10 minutes.

    The first clips from both the front and rear perspectives show Bee Pok's car in the right most lane and overtaking the taxi, a Ssangyong Rodius, in the middle lane as they approached the KPE.

    The taxi then switched lanes and speeded up behind Bee Pok's car.

    There is no indication from the clips of any obvious incident between them that might have triggered the cabby's behaviour.

    He tried to cut back into the middle lane ahead of Bee Pok, but failed.

    Just before Bee Pok entered the KPE, the cabby sped up and cut into the middle lane, and went dangerously close to hitting a motorcyclist before swerving back behind Bee Pok.

    When Bee Pok switched to the middle lane to let the taxi pass, it speeded up and moved out of range of the cameras.

    The cabby then slowed down, returned to the middle lane and tailgated Bee Pok again in a cat-and-mouse game.

    Bee Pok wrote: "At 17:42.01 (5.42pm), he tried to cause a side collision by squeezing in between the car in front of me, swerving in and out...

    "He then purposely slowed down on the first lane and cut to the second lane, coming to a halt at 17:42.47, causing a black Toyota to stop behind him, taunting me to overtake him."

    Bee Pok refused to take the bait and the cabby later swerved into his lane, almost hitting his car and causing Bee Pok to swerve to avoid him.

    His action almost led to a silver car hitting the rear of his vehicle.

    "(The cabby) then took out a can and threw it at my car...I sped up to avoid him and any confrontation, as I feared for my safety, but he sped up and continued to follow me."

    At one point, the cabby wound down his window while driving beside Bee Pok.

    "I wound down my window to ask him why he was driving in this manner. He retorted with threatening words and vulgarities, and asked me to get out of the car to fight him," Bee Pok wrote.

    "I could see from his red face that he looked intoxicated."

    Bee Pok then called the police for help, even as loud thuds were heard from objects being thrown at his car.

    In one of the clips, Bee Pok can be heard telling a police officer over the phone: "He's a crazy person. He's throwing things at me for no reason."

    The cabby continued to drive alongside Bee Pok's car, blaring his horn continuously while swerving left and right.

    He resumed throwing objects at Bee Pok's car, then drove towards the exit to East Coast Parkway, before swerving back dangerously to the KPE and almost hitting the divider.

    Bee Pok, who said that he made three calls to the police, wrote: "He kept signalling me to stop the car. I feared for my safety."

    He ignored the cabby, and the ordeal finally ended when the driver took the Marina Bay exit along the Marina Coastal Expressway.

    A police spokesman confirmed on Monday that they received a call at around 5.55pm.

    Investigations are ongoing into the case, which has been classified as a rash act.

    Mr Patrick Nathan, vice-president of corporate information and communications at SMRT, said investigations showed that the taxi was driven by a relief driver who had no prior accident record.

    SMRT terminated his contract on Monday, he said.

    "The incident is regrettable. SMRT takes a serious view on any incident that may compromise the safety of our passengers, as well as fellow road users," Mr Nathan said.