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    Mar 17, 2015

    Boy spins kidnap story to get parents' attention


    MISSING his parents, a boy in Ipoh made up a story about someone trying to kidnap him, reported Malaysia's China Press.

    He did so to gain the attention of his parents, who are working overseas.

    The 10-year-old told his elder sister on Thursday that a man had approached him in front of his school and said their mother was in critical condition at a hospital.

    He claimed that the man then tried to cajole him into getting into a car, but he refused.

    The boy also told his teacher a similar story. But when they went outside the school, the teacher did not see anyone suspicious there.

    When the school authorities checked closed-circuit television footage, there was no sign of the man either.

    When questioned further, the boy admitted to making up the story to get his parents' attention.

    However, a neighbour had already posted about the attempted kidnap on Facebook and it was shared widely by netizens.

    The boy would be sent for counselling, said his principal.