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    Jan 23, 2014

    Boy sorry for yelling at teacher

    A VIDEO uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday showing a Spectra Secondary student shouting at his teacher has gone viral, with over 11,000 views as of last night.

    The video, over a minute long, shows the student walking around the classroom and talking to his classmates.

    After the teacher asked the boy to return to his seat, the student questioned why the teacher had to shout at him, adding that he was not deaf.

    He then demanded an apology from his teacher, who did so.

    The video has generated discussions on Facebook and popular forum HardwareZone, with many criticising the student's behaviour, and questioning if the teacher should have apologised.

    The student has since apologised to the teacher, said school principal Krishnan Aravinthan yesterday, after he "reflected on his actions and is very remorseful". The student has also received counselling.

    Spectra Secondary is Singapore's second specialised school for students eligible for the Normal (Technical) stream. The new school took in its first batch of students this month. The other specialised school is Crest Secondary. At these schools, students learn vocational skills such as mechanical servicing and retail services on top of English, their mother-tongue language and mathematics.