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    Jun 09, 2016

    Beware of scam calls about 'illegal' parcels: Police

    THE Singapore Police Force (SPF) has warned the public of scammers who impersonate overseas officials to trick their victims into sending money.

    The victims would receive calls from the scammers, informing them that parcels containing illegal items had been shipped in their names.

    Since March this year, over 50 police reports have been received, with victims being tricked into sending more than $4 million to the scammers.

    "The scam is almost identical to the fraud cases experienced in Hong Kong and China since mid-2015," SPF said in a news release yesterday.

    There has also been a shift in the modus operandi of the scam recently, with scammers posing as police officers or staff from local courier companies such as SingPost.

    This local variation of the scam involves victims receiving calls with spoofed local numbers to make the ruse more believable.

    Once the victims were informed that parcels were delivered to their local addresses, they were then asked to remit monies to bank accounts in China or make fund transfers through Internet banking to accounts in Malaysia.

    Recent cases saw victims visiting a webpage where they were told to enter their personal details and bank information.

    If you have information related to such crime or if you are in doubt, call the Police hotline on 1800-255-0000, or dial 999 for urgent assistance.