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    Apr 29, 2016

    Beware of this fake ICA website

    THE Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has warned of a fraudulent website that is phishing for visitors' personal information.

    The site - - leads unwitting victims to key in their visa-application and passport numbers.

    "ICA would like to advise members of the public to exercise caution so that you do not unwittingly fall prey to such fake websites," it said in a statement yesterday.

    Access to the official ICA website remains unaffected and no data has been compromised, it added.

    Members of the public should use only the official website at for immigration matters.

    A police report has been made against the phishing website. ICA said: "We will work to bring down the website and will continue to monitor them."

    This is not the first fake ICA website to come to light this month.

    On April 8, another ( was reported. In December, three were found by the authorities.

    A growing number of fake government websites have surfaced, with at least five reported this year.

    Most are phishing scams, which try to trick users into giving personal or financial information through the use of fake websites or e-mail messages masquerading as coming from official sources.

    Other agencies that have issued advisories on such scams include the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Health and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

    The target of many of these sites are mainly foreigners who may not be familiar with official Singapore websites, the Infocomm Development Authority said earlier this month.