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    Mar 31, 2016

    Beheaded girl's mum: Come to wake with warmth


    THE mother of the four-year-old girl beheaded in a random attack in a suburb of Taipei this week has urged mourners to come to her child's wake with warmth to share instead of grief and sorrow, the Taiwanese media reported.

    Claire Wang, 36, who has another three children, also declined all donations to her family, saying that these should go to organisations in need, perhaps in the name of Little Light Bulb - the family nickname of the girl, reported the Sanlih E-Television.

    The housewife also reiterated that the family did not start nor support any activity following the tragedy and requested everyone to show respect to her daughter by not using her name for their causes.

    "You are not her and I'm not her," Sanlih quoted Ms Wang as saying.

    Earlier on Tuesday, a long article in Chinese posted online by Ms Wang moved many Taiwanese with her recall of her daughter's last days, her pain in losing the girl - who was conceived through artificial insemination - and her wish that the incident has highlighted the importance of love and care so that the child would not have died in vain.

    Ms Wang, whose husband works in the IT sector, has also called for calm and reason in meting out punishment to the attacker, who was arrested.

    On Tuesday, an organisation campaigning for increased use of capital punishment announced it would hold a mass rally next month to push for its cause, reported the Focus Taiwan news channel.

    The move was widely read as playing on the widespread anger in Taiwan over the attack.

    Little Light Bulb was grabbed from behind by the attacker while she was following her mother to a metro station on Monday.

    She was then beheaded by the attacker, later identified as Wang Ching-yu, an unemployed 33-year-old.