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    May 13, 2015

    Bangkok eyes licence for cyclists to curb road accidents


    WHILE calls have been made in Singapore for bicycles to be licensed for safety reasons, Bangkok is already looking to do so.

    Cyclists will be required to possess a licence as part of a long-term initiative to prevent road accidents, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) spokesman Tridoa Apaiwong said on Monday.

    Several road accidents involving cyclists have occurred over the past few weeks.

    BMA has drawn up additional measures to promote tourism, for instance introducing more bike lanes, and putting up more signs and streetlights in the capital. BMA will also seek cooperation from areas beyond its authority to provide facilities for cyclists.

    It will consult the Department of Land Transport and the Metropolitan Police Bureau to arrange for licences for cyclists. It also wants to restrict the age of cyclists on the roads.

    City administrators are also planning to launch campaigns promoting safety among motorists.