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    Mar 28, 2014

    Bakrie, Rothschild trade insults in Twitter spat


    FINANCIER Nathaniel Rothschild and a member of Indonesia's Bakrie family were involved in an angry exchange on Twitter after they completed a US$501 million (S$634 million) deal to unwind a coal investment.

    The public spat came in a series of messages on Wednesday between Mr Rothschild, 42, scion of a British banking dynasty, and Mr Aga Bakrie, son of one of three brothers who control the family empire. Earlier it was announced that the Bakries had severed their ties with London-based Asia Resource Minerals.

    Mr Rothschild "thanked" the Bakries for buying back coal assets with the following tweet: "thanks for buying back a worthless pile of turd."

    Mr Aga, son of Mr Nirwan Bakrie and executive vice-president of Bakrie Capital Indonesia, countered that Indonesia is "an amazing investment haven".

    Mr Rothschild responded that "whilst your dad is an evil genius (yes I'm paying nirwan a compliment), the word on the street is that you are extremely DUMB!"

    Mr Aga could not resist hitting back with: "'Dumb' I believe that's the word that has been associated with you by most of the people that I have met."

    The Bakries are among Indonesia's most powerful families. Mr Aburizal Bakrie is a candidate in the presidential election to be held in July.