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    Mar 05, 2015

    Bail extended for couple 'behind' Real S'pore site

    THE duo allegedly behind socio-political website The Real Singapore (TRS) were back at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) yesterday.

    The two weeks' bail for Ai Takagi, a Japanese-Australian, and Singaporean Robin Yang Kaiheng had expired.

    But if the pair were hoping to return to their Brisbane apartment for their new university term, they were disappointed. Miss Takagi is said to be the buyer of the A$355,000 (S$379,000) unit.

    The New Paper (TNP) understands that the students at the University of Queensland had their bail extended and their application to return to Australia rejected.

    The couple again declined to speak to TNP but a relative, believed to be Mr Yang's father, spoke briefly.

    The man, who stood at the foyer of the CID building while the two were inside, said cryptically: "Everybody has his own opinion."

    Miss Takagi, 22, and Mr Yang, 26, were arrested under the Sedition Act for postings related to a recent incident during the Thaipusam procession.

    TRS posted an article by a contributor on Feb 4, alleging that a Philippine family's complaint over noise from drummers had led to a scuffle during the procession on Feb 3. The contributor denied writing that a family from the Philippines was involved and later posted the denial on her Facebook.

    TRS had allegedly embellished the original article.