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    Aug 24, 2016

    AVA recalls Taiwan milk tea over additive

    POPULAR Taiwanese bottled milk tea Chun Cui He, or Just Drink Milk Tea, has been recalled for containing a food additive that is not permitted, said the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) yesterday.

    The tea contains L-theanine, which is not on the list of permitted food additives under the Food Regulations of Singapore.

    It is an organic compound that is found in certain plants. It can be found in green tea and is thought to have calming properties.

    "There is no food-safety risk associated with the recalled products," said AVA which has banned L-theanine in food and beverages in Singapore.

    The Straits Times has learnt that all 7-Eleven convenience stores were told to stop the sale of the drinks in Singapore on Monday.