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    Feb 26, 2014

    Auxiliary cop told to stop arresting rioters

    AN AUXILIARY police officer had already arrested four men before the crowd started setting fire to government vehicles during the Little India riot last year. But his boss then told him to stop.

    The first witness to testify on the fifth day of the public hearings into the Dec 8 riot, Constable Srisivasangkar Subramaniam said yesterday that he had gone to a coffee shop in Kerbau Road shortly after police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force rescued the timekeeper and driver from the bus at the centre of the riot.

    There, he arrested four men who were throwing bottles, and handed them over to police officers in Race Course Road.

    "After handing over the fourth person, my ground supervisor told me that what I was doing was brave but dangerous, and told me to stop," he said.

    "He said that I shouldn't have arrested them, because my two protection officers were not there (to witness it), and that it was unsafe for me to effect more arrests."

    He added that if more arrests had been made then, "the vehicles would not have been burned".