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    Aug 27, 2014

    Aussie carriers allow electronic devices throughout flights


    AUSTRALIAN airlines Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia said passengers can use smartphones and tablets throughout flights from yesterday, after a regulator relaxed a ban on electronic devices on planes.

    The airlines said they would start letting passengers use personal electronic devices for the duration of a flight, after Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority followed a similar ruling by the United States Federal Aviation Administration last year.

    Since last month, Singapore Airlines has allowed the use of small electronic devices like iPads and other tablets on its flights from the time of boarding until disembarkation.

    Mobile phone use is also permitted if they are in flight mode, which means there is no transmission of wireless or other data, The Straits Times reported.

    The Australian airlines hope that giving customers almost continuous access to personal devices will increase their appeal, as they engage in a price war with each other and other market participants.