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Angry car buyers gather at dealership

FRUSTRATED: The group said they had bought cars from Volks Auto, but have not received them after the delivery dates.


    Dec 16, 2014

    Angry car buyers gather at dealership

    MORE than 20 people gathered outside a car dealership in MacPherson Road yesterday, after it failed to deliver the cars they had bought.

    They wanted to look for the owner, whom they said has been uncontactable for a few days.

    Members of the group said they had bought cars from Volks Auto in the last few months, but the cars were not delivered even though their delivery dates had come and gone.

    Their stories followed the same plot: Buyers saw the dealership's advertisement, bought cars for up to $10,000 less than at other parallel importers and paid a deposit, but were fed excuses on why the cars were not ready when they went to collect them months later.

    One such buyer, a 63-year-old who gave his name only as Mr Fong, listed the excuses he received: His Toyota Harrier was stuck in immigration or it was with the Land Transport Authority for inspection.

    Mr Fong's car was supposed to have been in his possession in mid-October.

    The Straits Times was shown copies of contracts from the angry buyers.

    The frustration was clear among those gathered outside the building - one man even shouted at a security guard.

    About 50 of these buyers found one another while visiting the shop, which has been closed since Saturday, or through the online forum.

    A WhatsApp group chat has also been formed, through which they discussed actions they could take.

    A separate group has made a police report.