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    Jul 11, 2016

    Alert moneychanger staff foil $50,000 parcel scam

    A REMITTANCE company has foiled a scam attempt involving $50,000, the third case of its kind in the last two weeks.

    On Friday, at about 12.30pm, Malik Sameer, a staff from Samlit Moneychanger, alerted the police to a suspected case of cheating.

    Officers from Central Division and Commercial Affairs Department then found that a 69-year-old victim was being scammed into remitting $50,000 to an overseas account, police said yesterday.

    Investigations revealed that last Monday, the victim received a call claiming that she had a parcel containing illegal items sent under her name via DHL to Shanghai.

    The call was transferred to someone claiming to be a customs officer, who threatened the victim with imprisonment if she did not comply with his instructions.

    The caller then directed the victim to call him at specific times at 9am, noon, 5pm and 8pm daily.

    On Friday, the victim was told to remit $50,000 to a specific account in China if she wanted "the authorities" to expedite the investigations.

    At Samlit Moneychanger, Novianti Goh, who was attending to the victim, suspected something amiss when the latter could not answer general queries.

    The victim was also observed to be speaking on her phone throughout the whole process and appeared to be acting under instructions, adding to Ms Goh's suspicions.

    Mr Malik then called the police while Ms Goh continued to probe further, the statement added.

    Police said further investigations helped to halt the transaction, and the full recovery of the $50,000 belonging to the victim.

    This is the third scam case which they have jointly foiled along with two remittance companies in the last two weeks, involving a total amount of $255,000, the police added.

    It commended Ms Goh and Mr Malik for their civic-mindedness and timely interventions to protect the victim.