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Adoptee, 80, meets siblings after 52 years

RECONNECTED: Chen Yayu (centre) recently reunited with her brother Chen Xingshun and sister Chen Wanhua


    Jun 28, 2016

    Adoptee, 80, meets siblings after 52 years

    AN 80-YEAR-OLD Chinese woman, who was adopted by an Indian family when she was young, has reunited with her siblings after 52 years apart.

    She celebrated her birthday on Saturday with 75 guests, including her children, grandchildren and biological siblings' friends, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

    It had previously been reported in April that Chen Yayu, also known as Tanapakiam, had been adopted by her Indian neighbours when she was born and had lost contact with her siblings 52 years ago.

    Her two daughters secretly sought help from the paper to find her siblings to attend Madam Chen's birthday celebration at the Singapore Indian Development Association on Saturday.

    The paper successfully contacted her brother and sister, Chen Xingshun, 78, and Chen Wanhua, 74.

    They were eager to meet their elder sister and first met on Mother's Day last month. They were so moved that they could not speak and teared up.

    Mr Chen noted that though he did not recognise his sister when he first saw her, he had an uncanny sense of familiarity.

    "She looks a bit like me. We are so lucky that we could get to know our sister while we still have life in our years," he said.

    Madam Chen can speak only Tamil and a bit of Malay so she could communicate with her siblings only in Malay.

    One of her daughters who can speak a bit of Hokkien helped to interpret as well.

    The daughters who had planned this reunion, housewives Anushia, 57, and

    Savathry, 60, said they were very happy and believed this would be their mother's most unforgettable birthday yet.