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    Jul 12, 2016 sacks worker over rude behaviour on Facebook

    LOCAL property portal yesterday fired an employee it hired just a week ago, after it received complaints that he had exhibited "rude behaviour" in a Facebook thread.

    The employee, Sonny Truyen, had written in the thread: "You can't f***ing catch pokemon in this piece of f***ing s**t country."

    He also insulted a Facebook user who responded to his comment.

    Mr Truyen, who stated in his Facebook profile that he is from Australia, was apparently referencing the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, which is not yet available in Singapore.

    His behaviour provoked the anger of netizens on social media and in local forum Hardwarezone.

    In a blog post on's website yesterday, chief executive and co-founder Darius Cheung clarified that Mr Truyen was an SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist who had started consulting with the company for only a week before the incident.

    As a "proud Singaporean company" that does not condone the language and behaviour shown by Mr Truyen, it has since terminated his engagement.

    "I apologise on behalf of, we pride ourselves to be a principled company that celebrates values like diversity and equality," Mr Cheung said.

    "We take responsibility for the public behaviour of any employee or consultant affiliated with us as a reflection of the company."

    Mr Cheung's post also appealed for fellow Singaporeans to nip discrimination in the bud.

    "I... believe we have one of the most diverse yet harmonious societies in the world where people not just tolerate, but embrace diversity and individual differences," he wrote.