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    Apr 26, 2016

    8 years' jail for killing daughter-in-law

    AN 82-year-old mentally ill retiree, who stabbed his daughter-in-law, 54, to death after a quarrel over the washing of curtains, was yesterday jailed eight years.

    Char Chin Fah pleaded guilty to culpable homicide for killing Ong Guat Leng, a housewife married to his elder son, on Aug 21, 2014. He was found to have an acute paranoid reaction, which reduced his mental responsibility for his actions.

    In sentencing, Justice Woo Bih Li said the offence would ordinarily attract a long jail term but he "experienced some hesitation" due to Char's advanced age.

    The High Court heard that Char lived with his elder son's family in Tampines for two years, and had an acrimonious relationship with the son and daughter-in-law.

    Char tends to develop paranoid and abnormal suspicions about the intentions of others.

    He often complained to his two other children about Madam Ong, whom he felt was disrespectful as she called him by his full name and often nagged at him.

    Char behaved in inappropriate ways such as placing his dirty socks on the dining table.

    This annoyed Madam Ong, who was on medication for an anxiety disorder.

    The tension reached boiling point on the evening of Aug 20, 2014, when the couple argued with Char for not washing the curtain.

    Feeling betrayed by his son for not speaking up for him, Char decided to kill Madam Ong.

    At about 5.30am the next day, Char left the flat for his daily exercise, and went back to the flat when Madam Ong was sleeping alone at home.

    He took the sharpest knife in the kitchen and attacked her.

    An autopsy found four stab wounds in her chest, fractures on her skull as well as bruises, abrasions and swellings on her face and body.