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    Sep 20, 2016

    7 years' jail for killing brother over a spat

    BAD blood between two brothers turned into a family tragedy when the mentally ill younger sibling stabbed his older brother to death in the bedroom they shared,

    a day after the pair exchanged angry words.

    Yesterday, Ng Yao Wei, 23, was handed

    a seven-year jail term after he pleaded guilty

    to a charge of culpable homicide.

    After he was sentenced in a courtroom packed with family and friends, his 87-year-old grandmother said in Hokkien: "Whatever food they give you, just eat, so that you will be healthy."

    Ng's parents, Ng Soon Guan, 64, and

    Gan Chai Min, 55, appeared distraught.

    Ng's lawyer Josephus Tan said in court earlier that the parents regret not being able to protect

    the brothers from each other and not having discovered their younger son's depression earlier.

    "The real victims are the parents," he added.

    "They have lost one son and today they are

    here to see the other one get sentenced."

    Ng was a 21-year-old Singapore Polytechnic student on April 13 last year when he stabbed 26-year-old graphic designer Ng Yao Cheng

    to death at the Windermere condominium in

    Choa Chu Kang, where they lived with their parents, eldest brother and domestic worker.

    The accused called the police at about 11pm

    to report a murder on April 13.

    Paramedics arrived to find the victim with multiple knife wounds on his neck and body.

    Ng was arrested at the scene and charged

    with murder two days later.

    The charge was later reduced to culpable homicide as he was assessed to be suffering

    from major depressive disorder, which reduced

    his mental responsibility for the killing.

    Yesterday, the High Court heard that

    the brothers, who shared a bedroom, had

    an acrimonious relationship and often argued

    over trivial matters.

    On the evening before the incident, two friends of the accused went to his home to play computer games. The older Mr Ng became agitated over the noise they were making and shouted at his brother.

    In response, Ng called his older brother "a dog" in Mandarin. Their father intervened before the

    two came to blows.

    In the middle of the night, Ng took a knife

    from the kitchen and hid it under his pillow.

    The next day, Ng confronted his older brother

    for embarrassing him in front of his friends.

    When Ng called his brother "an a***hole", the older man lunged at him.

    The younger man reached for the knife and repeatedly stabbed his brother. An autopsy

    found that the victim suffered 22 stab wounds.

    Yesterday, Ng's lawyer, Mr Tan, asked for

    jail of not more than seven years.

    He argued that his client, who is timid and quiet, had been subject to physical and verbal abuse

    by his older brother since he was young.

    Deputy Public Prosecutor Ma Hanfeng sought seven to 10 years' jail to ensure that the accused

    is sufficiently treated before his release back

    into society.

    The maximum punishment for culpable homicide is life imprisonment and caning, or jail of up to

    20 years and a fine or caning.